Postcards of Favorite Places

Why antique postcards? Partly because they cost a lot less than antique cars.

These postcards of the South Dakota Badlands and Black Hills – some of them at least – date as far back as 1908, well before the Badlands were set aside as a national monument in 1929 (then a national park in 1978), well before Borglum started carving up Mt. Rushmore, and before cars were allowed in Yellowstone. The cards in color were hand-tinted. The one at the top right was the first antique postcard I ever collected.

I collect old postcards of the Black Hills and Badlands because these places are “home” to me.

Postcard, Badlands, Castles of the AncientsPostcard, BadlandsPostcard, Badlands, Grand CanyonPostcard, Badlands, Vampire PeakPostcard, Badlands countryPostcard, Badlands(3)Postcard, Badlands country(2)Postcard, Badlands, colored moundsPostcard, Badlands Pinnacles (2)    Postcard, Badlands, View from Sheep MtnPostcard, Badlands color bands Postcard, Badland, Pinnacles (1)Postcard, Badlands, Manitou MountainPostcard, Gateway&RocksPostcard, Knife-Blade RockPostcard, Sylvan LakePostcard, Trees&SpiresPostcard, The NeedlesPostcard, Wedge RockPostcard, Calamity PeakPostcard, Cathedral Spires

Postcard, Cathedral Park view

Postcard, Hellgate