Book – Environmentalists


“Paulson’s book is a model of clarity and reason, with occasional flights of lyricism, passion and even humor. If I could wish one book on the desk of every one of President-Elect Donald Trump’s environmentally averse cabinet appointees, this would be the one.”

– David Crisp, Last Best News

“Steve Paulson is a great friend of the planet, and a fine writer to boot–this book is packed with common sense and crammed with smart observations about the fixes we’re in and the ways to get out of them.”

– Bill McKibben: author, Eaarth; editor, American Earth: Environmental Writing Since Thoreau

“This is the book to help you catch the wave, to help you kick-start the movement, to help you remember who you are, to remind you that you love your beautiful surroundings and that you don’t want to lose them.”

Mark Bailey: founder, Torrey House Press


Environmentalists: An Eyewitness Account from the Heart of America is available in paperback. It can be ordered for $16 through Amazon here or can be ordered from your local independent bookstore. (It’s important to support independent bookstores.)

It is also available for $4.99 on Kindle here.